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The Top Gun Executive Group is a leading placement agency offering a novel approach for experienced corporate executives during the recruiting process. With a personalized approach to high-level job searches, The Top Gun Executive Group serves the employee rather than the employer. The Top Gun Executive Group assigns each client a personal recruiter who then designs a custom profile to identity ideal job matches for the candidate. Once an interview has been arranged, the candidate undergoes a comprehensive debriefing session with the recruiter to thoroughly prepare. Because the recruiters have nurtured relationships with top companies across the nation for years in advance, clients of The Top Gun Executive Group receive an immediate advantage the moment they step into the interview room. The Top Gun Executive Group vets all applicants extensively to ensure the firm maintains a reputation for promoting only the top talent.

Since its founding in 1999, The Top Gun Executive Group has successfully found prominent positions for hundreds of executives across the country while maintaining a successful placement rate of 70 percent. In order for the program to work, clients and the recruiters must build a bilateral relationship where the wants and needs of the job seeker are apparent. One of the keys to success with The Top Gun Executive Group is abiding by their guidelines for successful executive recruiting, which are outlined at their website, TopGunHeadHunter.com. Some of these steps include responding promptly to correspondence, preparing thoroughly for interviews, and following up with potential employers. In addition to recruitment, another service provided by The Top Gun Executive Group involves connecting strategic investors and private equity groups with customized investing options in isolated sectors.

Phone: 281-517-0303
Email: Craig@topgunheadhunter.com

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